Caves near Canberra require a vast array of skills and equipment. While some equipment is required for all caves, vertical caves for instance require the use of more specialised devices in order to fully explore them. As a member of CSS you will enjoy the opportunity to not only go caving but also have the chance to use the various caving equipment and necessary skill to operate it safely. You don't need to initially own all of the necessary gear as the club or other members have equipment to loan.

Below is a list of some of the equipment used when exploring caves including a brief description of what the item is used for.

caving helmet
Helment: Protects the head when knocked or from falling objects. It should be a 'hard shell' as opposed to a 'soft shell' (a soft shell is similar to a bicycle helmet). (Mandatory Equipment for all CSS caving trips)


caving headlamp
Headtorch/Headlamp: Usually attached to your helmet. Ideally each caver will carry 3 independent sources of light as well as spare batteries. (Mandatory Equipment for all CSS caving trips)


Overalls/Coveralls: To protect your body while in the cave. Dry caving usually use cotton or polyester material. Wet caving may use cordura for minimal moisture absorption and help keep the body warm. (Mostly Mandatory, depends on situation)


Shoes/Boots: Preferably non slip soles. (Mandatory Equipment for all CSS caving trips)


Gloves: To protect your hands from cuts and abrasions while also providing grip. (Optional)